The Cube by Asamodo

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The Cube by Asamodo - the new era of grilling. Impressive design and unique grilling experience.

Performance and Versatility: Generous grill area for a variety of grilling methods. From juicy steaks to crispy pizza. The cube masters every challenge.

Robust and durable: High-quality materials and German quality for long-lasting outdoor grilling pleasure.

Easy to use and clean: Intuitive controls, enough space for grilling and effortless cleaning. More time for your guests, less time for cleaning.

Design and aesthetics: Attractive and timeless appearance for a harmonious outdoor experience. The Cube is the eye-catcher at your barbecue events.

Discover the new dimension of grilling with the Cube by Asamodo. Outstanding performance, first-class quality and easy handling. The reliable partner for spontaneous barbecue parties and professional cooking events. Make your culinary dreams come true.

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A really great grill, well made and stable. A highlight on our hotel terrace and versatile thanks to the accessories.

Göbel's Hotel Quellenhof

The 'Cube' by Asamodo - the new era of grilling.

Der 'Cube' by Asamodo - Asamodo


Asamodo values ​​quality and service

5 years warranty 

We are convinced of our quality and want to continue to offer you a high-quality and long-lasting grilling experience in the future. That's why we give you a 5-year guarantee on the Cube.

100% Made in Germany

Inspired by the love of Asado, our grills are produced in Germany. This allows us to ensure high quality and safety standards throughout the entire value chain.

Modular expandable

Everyone grills differently. With a number of diverse modules you can create your own grill and therefore your own grilling experience. This makes the Cube a small, unique outdoor kitchen.

The Cube in Detail

Asado cross

The angle of the Asado cross to the fire can be continuously adjusted using the crank. This gives you full control over the grill height to achieve the perfect heat for every dish.

Solid rubber tires

Four solid rubber tires with parking brakes ensure easy movement and stability, even on sloping surfaces.

Large drawers

Two drawers with a soft-stop function on the front of the Cube offer plenty of storage space for accessories, grilled food or other materials.

That's what makes the cube

Modular construction

Put together your own grill according to your wishes. Choose between a variety of modules and attachments. So each Cube is individual and unique, depending on your taste. You will spend countless, unforgettable summer days with your grill. So put it together the way you want.

Durable materials

The interior of the grill chamber or grill compartment is lined with firebricks that are lined up closely together. This means you have consistent heat distribution after lighting. At the same time, the firebricks protect the metal shell of the grill and the base from excessive heat. An important contribution to the longevity of the grill.

Technical data


External dimensions of the grill:

L 1150 mm x B 1150 mm x H 1800 mm


200 kg


Stainless steel, chamotte, steel

scope of delivery
  • 1 Stainless Steel Griddle
  • 1 stainless steel grill grate
  • 5 skewers
  • 1 Asado Cross
  • 1 steel chain (2 m)
  • 10 stainless steel S-hooks
  • 4 solid rubber tires
Care instructions

We recommend protecting the grill from the weather overnight and during heavy rain with the tarpaulin .

The ashes should be removed after each grilling session. The stainless steel parts can all be removed and washed. After cooling, the outer walls of the cube can easily be washed with a soft cloth and water with a little detergent.

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Dirk Schleicher

Mein neues Lieblingsspielzeug. Endlich richtig Platz

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