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Revolution Grill briquettes

Revolution Grill briquettes

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The perfect coal for your asado. Discover the innovation of Revolution Barbecue Briquettes - the perfect choice for asadores looking for excellence.

Our Revolution grill briquettes are extremely efficient and offer the ultimate grilling experience. Thanks to their reduced fine dust content and without the use of binding agents, they set new standards for sustainable grilling.

With a generous draft hole, the Revolution grill briquettes reach maximum temperatures in a very short time. This allows for an exceptionally long burning and grilling time, perfect for extended barbecues and asados ​​with friends.

No matter whether you're grilling for a long time or planning several rounds of grilling in a row, our Revolution grill briquettes won't let you down. With their durability and performance, they offer a first-class solution for unforgettable barbecue moments.

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Wir versenden nach ganz Europa. Auslieferung: 2-4 Werktage per Spedition. Die Versandkosten beinhalten alle anfallenden Kosten (auch fürs Ausland). Das bedeutet, es gibt keine weiteren Kosten für Euch.

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