Meat package Asado (5.6 kg) - trio of ribeye, rump and picanha

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🥩  I 2,4 kg Ribeye + 2kg Hüfte + 1,2kg Picanha
⌛  I Matured and vacuum sealed for 21 days
🌿  I Pasture farming from Argentina
🚚  I Delivery included in the price

Our Asado family package offers once across the Argentinian Asado. Here are some Argentinian specialties - and also common ones here:

The Picanha is known to us as Tafelspitz. In South America, however, the piece of fat on top is left on. This makes the meat juicier and tastier when grilled and roasted. Picanha [pronounced: Pi-Ka-Nia] is preferably grilled on a skewer from all four sides.

Our Adado package is suitable for small parties or large gatherings with friends and family. And if it's too big, you can freeze some and save it for the next occasion.

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Premium beef from Argentina

Quality you can taste

Through a balanced diet and a high standard of living for the animals, we guarantee an unforgettable taste experience both on the grill and in the pan.

Species-appropriate husbandry

With lush pastures and an area of ​​one hectare per animal, we guarantee that the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner.

Noble maturation process

To guarantee a maximum taste experience, the beef undergoes a maturation process of at least 21 days.

100% traceable supply chain

We source our beef exclusively from cattle breeders we have been friends with for many years in the Argentinian pampas.

Taste from the heart of Argentina's nature

Appreciation for the environment and animals as well as sustainable use of resources are important constants.

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